Child and family sessions: My sessions are probably different from what you may expect. My first and most important goal is to capture the personalities of the people I am photographing. To do that, the session itself must be fun and free enough to allow my subject to show a piece of who they are to me and my camera. This simply doesn’t happen with forced smiles and stiff poses. Instead, I strive to get everyone interacting with each other and their environment. I will then find the moments that capture your family best.

I feel that this approach creates lasting, special memories and little reminders of who everyone was during that time. I especially love to photograph children and families in places that are special to them. I wish I had pictures of me at my nana’s house, for example, with the lilies or in the woods out back with my grampy. Memory fades as we get older, but pictures that have meaning will bring them back. Do you have memories that you wish you had pictures of? That is why I do what I do.

Individual portraits and couples: It can be intimidating for one or two people to stand in front of the camera. I will put you at ease by directing you into the most flattering light and being as directive as you need me to be, while still allowing your own uniqueness to shine through. In a couple shoot, there is often at least one person who is terrified of the camera. Don’t worry! There are a lot of beautiful pictures that I can capture without you even having to recognize that the camera is there. I will provide prompts to get you moving and laughing in a natural way. I want to capture your individual mannerisms, and allow you to come through in the photos. The memory of your photo session should be as wonderful as the final images.

Weddings: I take a photojournalistic approach to weddings. This allows me to capture the true spirit of the day. If your wedding has a flair for drama, I will capture it with poetic, moody shots. If your wedding is bright and cheery, I will capture the color and life of your day. It is important to me to be unobtrusive and steady to soothe nervous brides and grooms. The photos should never be a stressful part of your day. I will capture the images as things happen and provide you with an album of real memories to relive it all.